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A Stress Free Meal Plan For Your Diet In Under 3 Minutes

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1. Sign Up

Quickly tell us about your favorite (and not so favorite) ingredients, cooking styles, dietary requirements, and exercise habits. Once we have a little bit of information, we are able to create the perfect diet plan for you. And, it takes under 3 minutes to complete!

2. Get Your Meal Plan

Every week you will get a custom diet plan and complete shopping list tailored to your preferences. Both the diet plan and shopping list are emailed to you on your shopping day each week. You can log in to DietCopilot to make changes, substitute recipes, or update your settings at any time.

3. Eat!

Once you have your meal plan, you will know exactly what to eat to meet your weight goals and exactly what to buy. Now all you need to do is prepare our easy to make meal suggestions and eat! We take care of balancing calories, removing foods you don't like, and finding recipes that fit around your busy life. With DietCopilot, you'll never have to worry about eating too much or too little to meet your fitness goals.

  • My office had a 3 month weightloss competition. All the other ladies tried crazy gimmicks which never worked. Three months and 14 pounds lighter, DietCopilot worked!
    Gloria K.

    Business Woman

  • I used to try and follow the Paleo diet but I really never knew what to eat or if I was "doing it right." Now, I just follow the DietCopilot meal plan. Paleo is simple now, highly recommended.
    Ken Nutter

    Crossfit Extrodinaire

  • Dude, this website amazing! I used to spend hours finding recieps and plugging them into a excel spreadsheet for nutrition calculations, much less cooking them. This does is all for me!
    Thomas M.

    A Guy At My Gym